Different types of sports odds

What are the different types of sports odds?

Most of us simple make a game interesting by laying a few dollars on a game against a buddy for the straight win. Team A vs. Team B. But when you venture for the first time, or attempt to try a different type of betting, it can be somewhat confusing. For example, can you quickly understand the odds for American odds vs. Decimal odds vs. Fractional odds? No? That’s ok because in this post I’ll help simplify the different types of sports odds so you can learn the basics and be better prepared on the next opportunity to make a game a little more interesting.

#1, can you quickly spot if the odds for a game are attractive, bad, or fair? Ask any avid sports bettor or sports investor and they’ll tell you the difference between a win or loss, and maximizing profit, is buying value on the odds.

I admit, it can be even more challenging to figure out how to read the odds in the first place as there are a few ways sports odds can be posted. Is this done to confuse the sports bettor and give the house the edge? Hmmmm…I like to think that…but no.  The various ways of writing the odds do translate into the same thing, it can definitely be confusing.

NFL pundit predictions track record

The best and worst of 2016 NFL Pundits prediction track record

Now that the NFL season is done and Superbowl Sunday tomorrow with the Patriots taking on the Falcons, we took a look back at the season to see what major NFL pundit was #1 when it comes to their weekly NFL picks. Was it CBS Sports, Forbes, NFL Network, LA Times, Yahoo Sports or any of the other +100 major media networks in the market? Just as insightful, who won the #GoldenPlungerAward for the worst performance?

This NFL season we tracked over 120 major NFL pundits predictions, and their performance. That translates into over 27,000 straight up NFL picks and over 12,000 against the spread picks.